Nothing is more important than 3+1 – every leader within the organization should focus on this as a key to growing their region. This has, and will always be, central to how we grow!

Mission 9192, BNI's fun and collaborative chapter launch challenge, will help facilitate growth throughout the organization as we work together to reach 9,192 chapters globally.

We challenge every region to grow by net one chapter!

Mission 9192 Final Count

See below to view all regions who reached Launch Club last month!

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Mission 9192 Resources

Use these resources to help you throughout our mission of net one chapters in every region.

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BNI Global hosts monthly webinars featuring BNI leaders around the world focused on sharing best practices for launching strong, successful new chapters.

Registration for upcoming and recordings from past webinars are both available here.
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Launch Success Stories

BNI Leaders around the world successfully launch strong, successful new chapters year round. Success Stories from these leaders area available below. Do you have a story to share, as well?
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Launch Resources

Try some of our resources to help you launch a new chapter!
To access, log into BNI Connect, then access the below link. 
You can also access by logging into BNI Connect, and navigating to the Director Resources section of the Resource Center.

Chapter Launch Success Stories

Please submit your Chapter Launch Success Story by completing the form above. We can't wait to share your successes with our global network! 

Rajesh Baisya 20180101_132504.jpgRajesh Baisya, Regional Director, BNI Raipur, India
I shifted to Raipur 15 months back. Earlier, I was the member in Visakhapatnam Region, India for two and half years. 
At first, I got a negative feedback and strong resistance from people regarding BNI. They said that this system will not work in Raipur, because the market opens very late and there is no professional environment. Att the same time, demonetization of Indian Rupee made my journey more miserable. 
I started the first chapter launch in Raipur under these conditions, and two things made my journey forward. 1- My passion toward BNI and 2- I believed that the structured system of BNI will work in any environment. 
I talked about the benefits of BNI to whoever I met. I had many coffee meetings with small groups and many One-to-Ones with business people. I went to many showrooms and talked about BNI. I was looking for 10 Members, and at last I succeeded in getting the right 10 Members. From there, this 10 did the rest. I launched the first chapter on 21st March 2017 with 37 members and BNI Raipur now has 4 Chapters with 190+ members.

Social Media Resources

We have a number of resources available for you to use to share Mission 9192 on your social media. Please access BNI University for these resources.

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